Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flatiron: the documentary

I'm working now with filmmaker Charles Hobson on a documentary based on my book. He's done a lot of interesting stuff; check out his website: I've never worked in film before. It's just another way of telling a story. Instead of written words, there are images. Gazillons of them. I'm blown away by how much work goes into producing just a few minutes of film.

Our photographer spent an entire day down at the Flatiron, shooting it and the streets around it from different angles. Each shot is a different point of view, and the hook for a new story.

One of the first moving pictures ever made consisted of montages of the just-finished Flatiron Building. It was shot in the fall of 1903. And now here we are, 107 years later, making another movie, starring the Flatiron.

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